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Living With a Recovering Addict

Living With Someone Who is Recovering From Addiction is Challenging

Christian addiction counselingLiving with someone in addiction recovery presents many challenges, whether you are a spouse, a parent, or a sibling. Although it may be an emotional and trying time, you serve an important role as a supporter and motivator. Now that your loved one has taken steps to change their lifestyle, it is time for you to show your love, understanding, and forgiveness.

Show Patience and Understanding

When someone is in addiction recovery, their emotions are in flux. Some days they may be happy and motivated, and other days they may be anxious and on edge or cold and distant. Everyone is different, but addiction recovery presents many mental and emotional challenges. However, their emotional state may impact your relationship, showing patience and understanding. Remind yourself that their anger or depression is not directed at you and that their emotional state is only temporary. When they fully adjust to their life after addiction, their mood will level out, and their relationship will improve.

Be Supportive

When someone is in addiction recovery, they need to have the love and support of everyone around them. Without a solid support group, their risk of relapse increases. Please show your support by listening to their problems and concerns, and tell them that you are proud of them. Knowing that they have your support will help motivate them on their path to sobriety.

Plan Fun Activities

Recovering from addiction can be a dark and tense time, so try to liven it up with some fun activities. Plan healthy activities to ease their mind, like going bowling, hiking, cooking a meal, or seeing a movie. Through a few simple activities, you help ease the process of addiction recovery.Christian addiction counseling

Demonstrate Forgiveness

Addiction affects many people, and chances are that your spouse’s, child’s, or sibling’s addictive behavior has hurt you in the past. Now that they’ve taken steps to improve their lives, you have the chance to demonstrate forgiveness. Forgiveness can be difficult at first, and sometimes it takes some talking. Now that your loved one is sober sit down with them and discuss the past. Let them know how their addiction has hurt you, but you are happy they are making a change. At the end of the conversation, show your forgiveness. Knowing that you forgive them will ease the process and increase their chances of a full recovery.

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