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Affordable Outpatient Mental Health and Substance Abuse Counseling

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substance abuse counseling

Individual Counseling

Speak with a professional counselor online or on the phone.

substance abuse counseling

Couples Therapy

Book a counseling session between you and a loved one.

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Group Counseling

Therapy for groups of three or more.


Experienced Licensed Counseling for

  • ✔ Alcohol Use
  • ✔ Anger Management
  • ✔ Drug Abuse
  • ✔ Family Conflict
  • ✔ Anxiety
  • ✔ Self Esteem
  • ✔ Gambling
  • ✔ Relationship Issues
  • ✔ Harmful Thoughts
  • ✔ Isolation & Loneliness
  • ✔ Trauma and PTSD
  • ✔ Substance Use
substance abuse counseling

Meet our Lead Counselor!

Jim Goins, LPC

“Jim has over 14 years experience in treating various life-controlling issues. Combined with his personal life experience, he will help you manage your feelings, life, and behaviors in ways that will work for you and not against you. If what you are doing is not actually helping you get what you want, he can help you figure it out!”


Bringing Hope Within Reach – Affordable Christian Counseling Online or In-Person

Hope Counseling Southeast is driven by a deep desire to extend hope to those in need. Our commitment to putting hope within reach goes beyond a mere vision—it’s a reminder that our work carries an eternal impact. Every individual’s journey is unique, and a one-size-fits-all solution won’t suffice. It’s this understanding that fuels our motivation and guides our approach.

Our compassionate and Christ-centered mental health and substance abuse counseling program offers a pathway to life transformation, providing proven solutions for individuals grappling with life-controlling addictions and behaviors. Whether you’re a man, woman, teen boy, or teen girl, our dedicated team supports your journey toward healing and freedom.

We recognize that our behaviors, thoughts, and emotions may not yield the desired results. If you are overwhelmed by life’s people, places, and circumstances, feeling drained and consumed daily, please know you’re not alone. We are here to offer a helping hand, providing guidance, support and hope every step of the way.

substance abuse counseling

Highly Endorsed Addiction Recovery

  • Former Attorney General
    John Ashcroft

    “A government funded research project concluded that Adult and Teen Challenge has the highest success rate for substance abuse.”

  • President
    Ronald Reagan

    “Adult & Teen Challenge works. It is effective; it is literally changing the lives of young Americans from every walk of life.”

  • Founder, Focus on the Family
    Dr. James C. Dobson

    “Adult & Teen Challenge has a far better record of dealing with people in difficulty than do the bureaucrats.”

  • CEO, Chick-fil-A
    Dan T. Cathy

    “I truly admire Adult & Teen Challenge because of its loving, life-giving assistance to individuals who are bound by life-controlling addictions.”

  • President
    George W. Bush

    “Adult & Teen Challenge is one of the most successful programs in our country.”

  • Bestselling Leadership Author
    John C. Maxwell

    “Adult & Teen Challenge offers hope and restoration to individuals.”

  • Past Director AT&T
    Jim Blanchard

    “I have not seen a more effective organization in leading hurting people to life transformation.”

  • Psychologist and Author
    Dr. Kevin Leman

    “Adult & Teen Challenge offers hope and restoration.”

  • Former Director, White House Office of National Drug Control Policy
    John P. Walters

    “Adult & Teen Challenge is doing the job that others only talk about.”